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365 photo project

I’m taking on a 365 photo project and it’s been an incredible journey so far! From creating a habit of taking and posting photos daily to learning the importance of aspect ratio and adding music to photos, I’m learning a lot. I’m also finding it to be a great way to document my life over the course of one year and to develop my creative skills. ... Read more

The best Mac is the one you forget you own!

In 2011, I bought a Mac mini as my home desk setup. I used it for everything that had to be done on a computer: surfing the web, emails, music management using iTunes, photo management, and basic coding. In 2015, I bought a beefy 15” MacBook Pro since some of my workloads required a little more ‘oomph’ than the Mac mini could deliver. From then... Read more

A gem of a soundtrack - Judgement Night

Today, I stumbled upon a real gem in the soundtrack genre. I am talking about 1993’s release of the Judgement Night (Music from the motion picture). I absolutely cannot remember the movie and how it was. I remember watching it, but even after reading the plot on Wikipedia, I am unsure if the movie needs to be talked about anymore. The soundtrac... Read more

Scheveningen in Winter

Sony A7C - 28-60mm Read more

Rediscovering some music

This morning I logged into my (dormant) Spotify account. I found one of my old playlists, and - man - what a pleasure. …so I migrated it to Apple Music Image source Read more