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Fuji-XE2 & Dramatic Classic Chrome

Finally, after a long time I find the motivatin to write another post. A few weeks back I got my hands on a super-cheap Fuji-XE2. It is the silver version which I don’t like – but it was so cheap!

Equipped with an old 23mm f2, I did some random shots of the family. Looking at the results, I was immediately wow-ed (again) by the Fuji colors. It is really amazing what Fuji achieved here. I am only shooting JPG but the images are simply amazing. The have ‘character’.

Today, I took the bike and went out and about to get a hair-cut. I brought the Fuji-XE2 and a manual 50EUR Meike 35mm along. My barber is a bit in the outskirts in somewhat of an industrial area. I used one of my own Fuji recipes which is based on a recipe I found on https://fujixweekly.com/. It is called ‘Dramatic Classic Chrome’ and is actually designed for the X-Trans III processort. I modified it slightly and I liked the results. I have to admit that all photos were postprocessed in Lightroom using my own preset which I named ‘Summer 2022’ – I really like the result.