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I sold all my Fuji camera gear

A few weeks back I sold my whole camera equipment. A Fuji X-E4, a Fuji X-M1 and all the lenses for the two cameras: the 56mm f1.2, the 23mm f2 and the 18-55mm.

Why? Because I realized how slow the system was after picking up my old Nikon D90 at my mum’s place. Yes – there you go: I sold the latest model of the Fuji X-E series including 3 very renowned lenses because I was playing with a 13 year old DSLR. The focusing speed – I am mostly using single focus – of the D90 is so much better than the Fujis’. It was a whole new experience – again. Also, using the viewfinder and using a ‘real’ view through the lens was just super enjoyable. I was using the Nikon D90 attached to the Nikkor 18-300mm VR and took photos out in the woods and of my son. The ergonomics of this camera that has an actual grip and does not feel like some slippery soap like the Fuji X-E4 is really something else. The shutter feels like an earthquake when released. The deer in the forrest escaped in sheer terror of the shutter sound. It was a real pleasure to use. And the colors of the Nikon are just amazing. I mean Fuji’s out-of-cam photos are really good and with all those recipes you have tons to work with. But this Nikon D90 produces amazing JPGs.

How could I ever use a Fuji mirrorless camera to take some photo? Everything had to go. The Fuji X-E4 was an absolute mistake. The ergonomics of the camera are a nightmare. Absolutely not a pleasure to use.

The Fuji X-M1 on the other hand was actually a nice camera. It produced great photos (I even thought they looked better than the X-E4’s photos). But the focus was so slow. And trying to get some shots in focus of a two year old that is constantly on the run is just a matter of luck than anything else.

The 23mm f2 was my favorite Fuji lens: Small and the photos were great. And I started to become a big fan of the 35mm full frame equivalent. The 56mm f1.2 is a banger – but I did not use it. The few times I did use it, the photos were amazing. I have never really used the kit lens despite the fact that everyone says it is a great lens.

As I decided to sell the Fuji’s there was no point of keeping the lenses anyways – so I sold everything. Was that maybe a bit impulsive? Maybe…but the experience with the Nikon was too good. I need to change the camera system – at least I was convinced.

Anyways, this post should be more eulogy on the great Nikon D90 which after 13 years still holds string and definitely compete with all the modern cameras of this age. The camera has for sure seen better days: I have to fix the flash with some duct tape and the little thumb-grippy-thingy on the back came lose. Nothing that holds me back from picking up again this long forgotten gem.

Here are a few photos taken with my beloved Nikon D90 over the past 13 years: