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My Year in Running - Strava Recap

Follow me on Strava - similar to all the music streaming services - tells you at the end of the year how you performed over the year. I was amazed when I saw my summary. As of this writing, I knocked out 118 activities covering a distance of 1037km. On their own, the numbers seem meaningless. The significance becomes apparent when compa... Read more

Productivity 101 - Touch typing

In the past two weeks, I reflected on 2022 and what I can do to improve something (anything) in 2023. One of the things I need to optimize is my productivity to gain a better work/life balance. I need to become more efficient with mundane tasks. One of those tasks is typing. Taking meeting notes is such a critical but dreading task. It always ta... Read more

The ultimate note-taking and knowledge-management solution

I think I have finally found the ultimate solution for my note-taking pains. It replaces Apple Notes, Drafts, and any other note-taking application I have been using or trying to use. VSCode is the main frontend for taking notes going forward. Notes are created in markdown format. I am relying on some extensions to help with the process. The mo... Read more

My Music Findlings of 2022

I created a playlist in iTunes aka Apple’s Music app for all the songs that I somehow liked for one or the other reason. Not all songs were actually released in 2022 but for some reason they caught my attention/ear. Read more

Connect to VNC server via SSH tunnel and a bastion server

Sometimes I like to connect to my Mac mini (aka the Server) and do some maintenance using a UI. In my home network, I usually use Apple’s Screen-sharing app. The Screen-sharing app offers the best performance and is already installed, so it is a no-brainer. Open Screen-sharing Enter the IP address of the server Connect Simple as that! It become... Read more