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My Music Findlings of 2022

I created a playlist in iTunes aka Apple’s Music app for all the songs that I somehow liked for one or the other reason. Not all songs were actually released in 2022 but for some reason they caught my attention/ear. Read more

Connect to VNC server via SSH tunnel and a bastion server

Sometimes I like to connect to my Mac mini (aka the Server) and do some maintenance using a UI. In my home network, I usually use Apple’s Screen-sharing app. The Screen-sharing app offers the best performance and is already installed, so it is a no-brainer. Open Screen-sharing Enter the IP address of the server Connect Simple as that! It become... Read more


Jerry Seinfeld and Cosmo Kramer have a conversation about Kubernetes…and the Cloud. Kubernetes. pic.twitter.com/SEt6wVklmq— den (@DennisCode) August 18, 2022 Read more

An early morning woodland run

I visited my hometown over the weekend, and my training plan suggested I should do a 2:30h-3h long run. I could not spend that much time out and about as my family had to wait for me, but I could squeeze a 1.5h run in. I decided to take the ‘long’ roundtrip along the ‘6 Seen Platte’, one of Duisburg’s largest recreational areas. I left the hou... Read more

Up or down? Moving from WordPress to Jekyll

I just moved my website from WordPress to Jekyll. I did not even test it. I literally migrated the WordPress files from the Apache directory to somewhere else (I could have just deleted those files). For a few minutes or so, the Apache directory was empty, so anyone (and I doubt there is anyone) trying to access hafur.com during that period woul... Read more