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Moving from Instagram to VERO

I recently watched Peter McKinnon’s video about the downfall of Instagram (https://youtu.be/-NoxCtW5MBE). It is a video promoting VERO using all the negatives of Instagram. I was intrigued because I really like Instagram – no, I have to say: I really liked Instagram. Instagram, for me, was always this place that I could use as my ‘gallery’. I l... Read more

Using a Fuji X-Pro 2 in 2022

Introduction The Fuji X-Pro 2 is a rangefinder-style camera that came to the market in 2016. It has an electronic and optical viewfinder and has the Fujifilm X-Trans III sensor – an APS-C sensor with 24.3 megapixels (more than I would ever need). The optical finder is perfect – so is the electronic one. Despite being six years old, the Fuji X... Read more

Fuji-XE2 & Dramatic Classic Chrome

Finally, after a long time I find the motivatin to write another post. A few weeks back I got my hands on a super-cheap Fuji-XE2. It is the silver version which I don’t like – but it was so cheap! Equipped with an old 23mm f2, I did some random shots of the family. Looking at the results, I was immediately wow-ed (again) by the Fuji colors. It ... Read more

The windmills of Kinderdijk

We went for a half-day trip to Kinderdijk, a little village close to Rotterdam known for its 18th century windmills. I brought the Canon 6d II and the 35mm f2 with me and took a couple of shots. The 6D II is really a pleasure to shot with which is why I actually bought it (Reminder to self: I need to post the latest photo equipment. Short versio... Read more

Testing the Canon 6D ii

I am testing currently a used Canon 6D ii. One feature that got me interested is the flippy screen and how close it apparently gets to a mirrorless camera. I am testing it with an old 35mm f2 (not the IS version) lens. So far I am really impressed and the touch-to-focus screen works really well. Also, taking photos using the touchscreen really ... Read more