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Madrid – El Retiro

A short stroll through Madrids‘s El Retiro park with the X100V. Read more

Cartoons of the 80s

My 2.5 year old told me the other day about Spider-Man. No idea where he got it from. Well that’s not true: of course kindergarten. But it made me think about my childhood: what were the cartoons I was watching? I found this great YouTube video summarising probably 80% of the stuff I regularly watched Top 25 80’s childrens tv intro’s Read more

They call me the rooster

Ricoh GR II Read more

Circle B Bar Reserve

We went on a short hike in the Circle B Bar Reserve as one of the last activities in 2021. The reserve boasts a wide variety of plants and animals. We saw lots of vultures, sea hawks, herons, and other birds. Unfortunately, we did not see an alligator though. According to the reserve web page, you are ‘almost guaranteed to see alligators’. I bro... Read more

New Wallpaper

My new wallpaper. Read more