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Circle B Bar Reserve

We went on a short hike in the Circle B Bar Reserve as one of the last activities in 2021. The reserve boasts a wide variety of plants and animals. We saw lots of vultures, sea hawks, herons, and other birds. Unfortunately, we did not see an alligator though. According to the reserve web page, you are ‘almost guaranteed to see alligators’. I bro... Read more

New Wallpaper

My new wallpaper. Read more

A Day off

I had a day off and decided to take the X100V out for a walk around the Meijndel National Park. Read more

X100V in the Park

I had to pick up my son from day care early as one of the teacher was tested positive with Corona. I decided to bring the X100V and take a detour through a nearby park. All photos SOC using classic negative and some cropping applied. Read more

Camera Line-up

Here I am with the latest addition to the camera family: A Canon EOS RP. On Black Friday, I saw an offer for the Canon RF 50mm on Amazon for 150 EUR, and the day before, I saw a used RP in excellent condition for a very reasonable price. So I decided to go for both. I used the Canon EOS RP two years ago for about a week, and I was pleased with ... Read more