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Riva Panorama, Baby!

Some years back I became really fascinated with the Hasselblad X-Pan (or Fuji TX-1 which is actually the same build). Photos taken with either camera were super interesting to look at. I really liked it. Owning a Hasselblad X-Pan or Fuji TX-1 is usually connected to pay huge (in relation) amounts of money. I think these cameras go usually for a ... Read more

Weekend in Dublin

Now in my last post I spoke about the Rock’n’Roll marathon in Madrid. That reminded me about the Rock’n’Roll marathon in Dublin just a few months later. We were the same group of friends participating in the half marathon. Dublin wasn’t as nice to run as Madrid but Dublin had still to offer some sightseeing. I have attached some photos as proof.... Read more

Streets of Madrid

A throwback into April 2019: Me and a few friends went to Madrid to do the Rock’n’Roll Half-Marathon. We had a great little Airbnb right in the center of Madrid (forgote the name of the neighbourhood). I brought my Ricoh GR II to take some photos of Madrid while doing some sightseeing next to running the half marathon (as if that was not alread... Read more

Back in Fuji-land…

Sooo…I am back in Fuji-lalaland. In one of the previous posts, I shared already some of the first photos taken with my latest Fuji acquisition: a Fuji x100v. I found a used model in black for a reasonable price and just went for it. I think this was a good decision. It has much better ergonomics than the X-E4. It is much faster than the X-M1 an... Read more

Analog Olifant

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