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Riva Panorama, Baby!

Some years back I became really fascinated with the Hasselblad X-Pan (or Fuji TX-1 which is actually the same build). Photos taken with either camera were super interesting to look at. I really liked it. Owning a Hasselblad X-Pan or Fuji TX-1 is usually connected to pay huge (in relation) amounts of money. I think these cameras go usually for a mid five figure number on eBay. Furthermore, it is a film camera. One has to actually go and develop the film. I was looking for alternatives: Cameras that were designed to take panorama photos. There are actually no camera in the digital world AFAIK but I eventually found a camera that would be a cheap alternative to explore panorama photography: The Minolta Riva Panorama (or in some markets also called Minolta P’s). Like the Hasselblad/Fuji this camera is also a film camera.

I ended up buying a Riva Panorama on eBay for ~40 EUR which I found was a great deal. Now this camera is by no means a contender to Hasselblad or Fuji but I consider it to be a fun little alternative to carry around. Turned out that it would have its first chance to convince me on a trip to Japan. I loaded it with a roll of Ilford HP5+ and…well…simply used it.

Clearly, it did not stand a chance with my Ricoh GR II that was my main camera on that trip in terms of sharpness, etc. but I really like the results. Have a look: