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Spring is (almost) here

I am still mesmerized about the fact that the Nikon D700 is after all these years such a great camera and delivers absolutely incredible results. More than ever do I believe that no one needs the latest and greatest. This 12MP monster (yes it is a heavy beast) is more than sufficient. My iPhone has 12MP and nobody complains.

In the meantime, Leica releases the Leica M11 and publishes videos like this. Utter nonsense!

I have two lenses now for my Nikon D700: The 50mm 1.8G and the 35mm 2D. I prefer the 35mm but I have to admit I had to learn to prefer 35mm.

Here are some shots from the weekend. Not much editing here. Just cropped and slight contrast adjustments in Apple Photos and/or B/W conversion.