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My Year in Running - Strava Recap

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Strava - similar to all the music streaming services - tells you at the end of the year how you performed over the year. I was amazed when I saw my summary. As of this writing, I knocked out 118 activities covering a distance of 1037km. On their own, the numbers seem meaningless. The significance becomes apparent when comparing them to the previous years.

Last year, I had only 58 activities covering 592km. I increased my activities by more than 100% and almost doubled the distance covered.

Strava Summary 2022

After all, this year is good. Despite being forced to slow down on all activities due to coming around with Covid twice, I should feel proud of my achievements. I competed in four events:

  • Veluwezoom 24km trail (2:35:42)
  • Rotterdam Summer Half Marathon (1:45:01)
  • The Hague Half Marathon (1:39:51)
  • Devils Trail 36km Run (3:56:27)

I had to cancel the De Ronde Venen Marathon in November due to Covid. That was disappointing as this was meant to be one of the last ‘training runs’ before entering an ultra-marathon distance event.

My goals for 2023:

  • Recover from all the health issues bugging me this year.
  • Compete in at least four events (at least one marathon)
  • Improve strength.
  • Target to participate in an ultra-marathon at the end of 2023