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Testing the Canon 6D ii

I am testing currently a used Canon 6D ii. One feature that got me interested is the flippy screen and how close it apparently gets to a mirrorless camera.

I am testing it with an old 35mm f2 (not the IS version) lens. So far I am really impressed and the touch-to-focus screen works really well. Also, taking photos using the touchscreen really feels as if it was a mirrorless camera – not exacltly but very close. Canon’s dual pixel autofocus works incredible (I experienced it on the Canon RP already). Speaking of the RP: The 6D ii feels a lot sturdier than the RP. It feels much better in the hand. And of course, I love my optical viewfinder that shows the ‘real deal’.

There are a lot of complains about the bad dynamic range of the 6D ii. Honestly, it works perfect for me. I am not interested in taking RAW photos anyways which I need to drag through age long post processing task. I am usually using only Apple Photos to do some light adjustments – works fine for me. I love my jpgs and the 6D ii does not disappoint me. The photos coming straight out of this camera are almost percect to me.