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Camera Line-up

Here I am with the latest addition to the camera family: A Canon EOS RP. On Black Friday, I saw an offer for the Canon RF 50mm on Amazon for 150 EUR, and the day before, I saw a used RP in excellent condition for a very reasonable price. So I decided to go for both.

I used the Canon EOS RP two years ago for about a week, and I was pleased with it. At that time, my primary camera was the Fuji X-T2, and I seriously contemplated changing cameras. With all the changes in the camera lineup in the past six months, I was left with my old Ricoh GR II, the Fuji X100V, and my Nikon D90. And do not forget the iPhone XS for which I own a Moment 1.33 lens.

I also had the Nikkor 18-300mm, which I just sold to excuse the RP purchase. I have not used the 18-300mm a lot in the last few years, and it just collected dust. After selling the 18-300mm, I paid only 450 EUR for the RP, including the 50mm. I think that is an excellent price. The RP is in absolutely perfect condition. There is almost no wear-and-tear, and everything just works perfectly.

As a matter of fact, I was so impressed by the results of 50mm that I immediately bought a used 35mm 1.8 (which was the lens I had used two years ago with the RP). I love the size of the RP – it is small, light but has much better ergonomics than the X100V. It is also the first time using a full-frame camera, and the photo quality is top-notch. I even thought for a second that I could sell the X100V. Not yet. I will see how I use the camera in the next few months.

Today, I went out to run some errands and took the RP with the 35mm on a test ride. See yourself (I have used a Fuji Classic Neg preset in Lightroom and applied here and there some cropping).